Mama DeLucas: Italian Heritage, Italian Flavors

My Great Grandpa Dominic DeLuca was born in Licusati, a small village in southern Italy in 1895. At age 11 he along with his parents Phillipi and Agnes as well as his siblings immigrated to America where they settled in Duluth’s “Little Italy” where he was a resident for 70 years.
In the 1940's, My Great Grandparents Dominc and Rosilia opened a little grocery store called DeLuca's Grocery. As a kid my Grandpa Sam learned the culinary secrets and recipes that his grand parents brought over from Licusati. Grandpa Sam made Italian sausage for that little grocery among other italian classics such as sauces, pastas, breads for the demanding Italian immigrants in the Duluth Area.
That sausage recipe is the same recipe that we currently use at Mama DeLuca's Pizzeria. My Grandpa Sam comes down from Duluth to make sure I'm doing it right! Talk about quality control.

Hi, I'm Cory DeLuca.
It's always been my dream to own a pizzeria. I firmly believe that anything is possible if you work hard and make the necessary sacrifices. I've put in years of dedication, sacrifice and hard work. Because of that, I've been successful in the pizza business for over 22 years.
"How did you come up with the name Mama DeLuca's Pizzeria?"
The truth is I was going to call it DeLuca's Pizzeria, but at the time my wife was pregnant and she would go to work and her co-workers would say "Here comes Mama DeLuca" or "It's Mama DeLuca" and the rest is history.
"What makes your pizza so mouth watering and delicious?"
  • Our pizza dough is made in-house daily!
  • Our sauce is made with fresh herbs and real garlic cloves.
  • Our sausage is a family recipe that dates back to the 1800's.
"Tell me about the famous DeLuca Sausage recipe."
My Grandfather had been making our family sausage recipe for his parents grocery store when he was a kid. The recipe does date back to the 1800's. You can imagine the smile on my Grandfathers face seeing the DeLuca tradition transform into one of the most popular pizza toppings we sell!
Our customers tell us "Mama DeLuca's Pizzeria is the best."

It will make your mouth water.